Our goal, capture only your very best moments!

Dreamcatchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of Natives Americans. The traditional dreamcatcher is intended to protect the person's soul from bad dreams. Placed above the the sleeper, it serves as a filter, letting through only the good dreams, through the holes in the center of the dreamcatcher, gliding down the feathers, to the sleeping person. The bad dreams get caught in the web of the dreamcatcher and automatically eliminated at the first struck of daylight. 


“Present for the 'Soirée Lümïnarïa' event, Dreamcatcher Photobooth was a perfect concept to immortalize my event. Spectators and organizers of this event, we were all delighted to have so much fun taking pictures and to be able get a precious souvenir of this event by email. the pictures could also be shared instantly in social networks.
Dreamcatcher has met our expectations. Their professionalism is unparalleled. On behalf of the team Les Incroyables, I sincerely thank you for your collaboration at this evening which was full of emotions."

"They were absolutely great and they paid special attention to little details regarding my event.

Contact them you will not be disappointed!

Thanks again"

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Dreamcatcher Photobooth is a Montreal based business spécialised in the rental service of photo booths, for all types of events (inter./exter.), for individuals, businesses and non profit organizations. 



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